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Imagine reaching out to each one of your unique customers based on their needs and preferences. Our Marketing Automation solution helps improve the buyer experience by allowing you to create pre-defined parameters that will allow customers to be automatically segmented into groups. For example, for a shopping mall owner, you could enable the solution to create a list of customers who have patronised a particular fashion shop within the mall. The solution can then send messages and promotions to those customers that relate specifically to that fashion store. This way, customers receive messages that are relevant to their individual needs.

Our Marketing Automation system is being used by organizations globally, to track and manage their leads. The platform provides information above and beyond Google Analytics. Sales teams are able to access their database from anywhere and organisations can create landing pages and forms without a tech team. Reporting is straight-forward and includes the ability to see a lead's engagement through the buying process.

If you’re a Marketer, we can help you automate your marketing processes such as:

Website traffic and keyword effectiveness
Marketers will be able to see how well their website is doing relative to the competition, via the dashboard. This enables easy reporting and improvement tracking on site popularity and search terms or keywords that may be critical in driving traffic.

Marketers will glean valuable information from monitoring not only your own blogs, you will be able to compare them with those of your competitors. For example, you can spot the trends in blog topics and track the frequency and popularity of competitor blogs against your own. Marketers can then use this information to measure quantity and quality based on factors such as the volume of content.

Social Networks
Gain competitive insights across popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. For example, Marketers can measure variances such as activity and number of followers, and most importantly measure relevance based upon things like amplification of relevant conversations across the web.

As the tech-savvy generation turn to multi-media content such as video as a quick source of information, marketers need to pay attention to this very important channel. Our Insight helps marketers actively track, measure and compare their YouTube channel with those of their competitors. This gives the company a tangible way to measure and improve their return on investment in multi-media content.

Our support team and user community provide the know-how necessary to achieve your conversion goals. Keeping contacts organized within the database aims to help coordinate Sales & Marketing teams and streamline your efforts. With a month-to-month contract and an all-in-one access to your contact lists, campaigns and reporting, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

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