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Essential Do’s And Dont’s For Social Media Marketing

October 30, 2015

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Social media dominates our lives and has evolved to become a fundamental communication channel in the marketing mix. Its constant evolution can make it difficult to stay on top of best practices. A key advantage is its wide reach that helps extend your brand presence and nurture your target audience.

You can use social media to build your Sales Pipeline by delivering high-quality content that demonstrates your expertise in solving your customer’s problem. Always keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second.

Here’s a simple list of Do’s and Dont's to apply to your day-to-day online social media management.


Do Keep Your Brand Identity Consistent

Establish a clear vision for your brand before you set-up your social media channels. Each social network has a different layout and format, so ensure that items such as your profile image and bio are consistent. Maintaining a consistent brand identity makes it easier for your audience to recognize you. With so many social platforms to choose from, make the time to adapt the voice of your message to match the network. Consistency is key to help boost your image, encourage positive conversations around your brand and strengthen the relationship between you and your company.

Do Choose The Right Platform For Your Business

Select the social channel(s) that offer the best potential for reaching your ideal audience and broadcast the type of content you have decided is best suited for your company. Start by creating a basic profile of your ideal client. This should include their age, gender, income bracket, and buying habits. Each social channel has its own personality so research where your customers already are, and where your business fits best. By evaluating each network carefully, and choosing the right ones for you, you will be able to maximize your time and ensure your efforts result in a return on your investment.

Do Engage With Your Audience

Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a robot? Put a human face to your brand and be authentic with your conversation. Boost engagement by posting rich and relevant content that will resonate with your audience. This can include photos, memes, videos, blogs, hashtags and gifs. If it hits the spot, it instantly becomes shareable and likeable. Always include a call to action (CTA). When you tell your audience what you want from them, they are more likely to act upon it. Keep experimenting with your posts and over time, you will get the hang of what works best for your brand.

Do Build A Community

Building a strong, engaged community of Brand Advocates is so powerful. Brand Advocates are passionate about the brands they love and they have the power to influence the purchase decisions of the people they are connected to. Social media is a great platform to bring people together who share a common goal, interest or cause. Start by fostering a relationship with your followers. Listen to them, discover their interests, address their concerns, ask for feedback and reward them for their participation. Peer recommendation is one of the most effective forms of advertising.


Don’t Not Have A Social Media Strategy

Social media is no longer an option and should form part of an integrated marketing plan. With so many people engaging in social media, it is difficult to ignore its potential to help businesses reach out to new and existing clients. Many businesses jump into social media with no real strategy or game plan. Done right, it can help you grow your business, generate leads and improve your competitive edge. To build a clear strategy, take into account what you are trying to achieve, who your customers are and what your competition is doing.

Don’t Buy Followers or Fans

Did you know that you can buy followers or likes? While it is an easy way to increase your social media numbers, it will ultimately hurt your business. There is a false sense of belief that having high counts of follows or likes on social media sites will give your business additional credibility. When you buy followers or fans, you are not getting people who are interested or willing to engage with you. They do not care about your business or its products, causing your engagement levels drop. You cannot run campaigns successfully when your audience is not ‘real’. Your social media presence should be making an impact organically, and contributing to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Don’t Stay Silent

How you respond to potential criticism on social media can make or break your brand. Always monitor activity across the platforms that you are on and keep abreast of developments and activity. Never ignore or delete negative comments. It only serves to anger the already disgruntled customer even more. Do you really want to give them cause to tell all their friends how bad their experience with your company is? Deal with it immediately by offering an apology and offering a solution. Plan what to do in a crisis. Remember, a crisis is an opportunity to prove just how great your organisation is.

Don’t Post Too Much

How to connect with your audience without driving them away? Consider the social network you are posting to, then look at the length of your posts, the quality, value of the content you are providing and evaluate if is it strictly promotional. You want your audience to be engaged, not overwhelmed with poor quality content or even worse, spam. Your focus should be on gathering and sharing as much interesting and relevant content as you can. Find the right balance by testing, experimenting, measuring, and improving.

Organic growth and engagement is the foundation of any successful social media strategy. What is crucial is that you tailor a strategy that is a good fit for your company based on your business goals. If you could add a tip to the checklist above, what would it be?


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