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How Safe Is Your Password?

June 18, 2013

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Do you use one password for all your activities? Or do you have a few that you use? How do you come up with it? Is it random or do you have a system?  The challenge we all face these days, notes Scott Sears in a recent post at the Emma blog, is "creating passwords that are both hard to guess and easy to remember."

Sears offers a few tips that "security-minded geeks like me use to create effective passwords that are both memorable and strong."

Among them:

Create a base word by using one of the following ideas
• String together the first letters of a familiar group of words.
• Song lyrics, poems and famous quotes work great.
• Connect small, unrelated words together.

Modify that base word by using some of the following ideas
• Capitalize a few letters, while leaving the rest lowercase.
• Substitute numbers and symbols for similar-looking letters.
• Add some symbols to the beginning or end of the word.

Sears offers an example of how this system might work
• String "bat," "toe" and "up" together to create the base word: battoeup
• Capitalize some letters (O and P): battOeuP
• Substitute some numbers and symbols (a=@, t=7): b@77OeuP
• And add a symbol (!) to finish the password: b@77OeuP!


Too daunting? Sears is reassuring: "If you always use consistent modifications, you'll be able to remember how to reform the password," he explains. For instance, you could always capitalize the third and last letter of your base word and always substitute @ for a, or 7 for t.

As the Web becomes busier and less secure, it may be time to revamp your passwords to make them harder to crack.

Source: Emma & MarketingProf

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