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July 25, 2011

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"The one and only rule to remember when you are seeking to stand out from the crowd," says David Tyreman, "is [this]: Don't become part of the crowd in the first place."

Tyreman’s book World Famous: How to Give Your Business a Kick-Ass Brand Identity  is packed with suggestions to help your business gain a powerful presence in the market. The opening page of the book features a quote from Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead: “Success isn't about being perceived as the best at what you do, it's about being perceived as the only one who does what you do."

How do you set your business apart from your competition? Tyreman talks about the need to offer your market a distinct benefit or value. If you pin your hopes on "just buy from me" with no real value proposition, then you will suffer the consequences.

Marcia Lindquist says, “You need to focus on how you do business, determine if you are the best solution for your customers’ problems, and then go out of your way to meet their needs.” She has developed a 5 step process on how you can hone your customer focus for better results.

1. Focus on your customers’ needs and wants.
2. Assess your own strengths and resources.
3. Differentiate with the customers’ best interests at heart
4. Make a map of their needs and wants and record it
5. Focus! Focus! Focus! only on that map and don’t get off-track

There are a lot of businesses out there offering the same products, services and even benefits. Understanding what makes you unique from these companies can help you better position yourself in the marketplace. This is where you convince your clients and prospects to actually buy from you.

What is your stand on this?
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