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7 Steps to Sleep Your Way to The Top In Business

January 21, 2010

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Intrigued? These steps are just foreplay to what really goes on inside the pages of 'Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business – The Ultimate Guide to Attracting & Seducing More Customers'. Author and Public Speaker, Ben Angel admits his new book is certainly not for the fainthearted. His methods for attracting new clients to business are unorthodox and some would even say controversial.

Angel says, “The marketplace is flooded with lookalike businesses, the only way to stand out and attract more customers is to do something very different. Business can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines and remain quiet. With the advent of social media we have seen a significant rise in the number of channels in which consumers are bombarded with by marketing communications. To achieve cut through it is going to take more than a well designed brochure or website to stand out. It requires much, much more.”

Here are Ben's 7 simple strategies you can use to help you bring in New Customers:

1. Social Proof
Social proof or ‘pack mentality’ provides evidence others have tried and tested the scenario, goods or services beforehand and given it the ‘thumbs up’ of approval. Social proof is often the catalyst needed to assist you to convert prospects to new clients. Apply social proof throughout your marketing material by presenting evidence demonstrating others approval of your offerings. This can be done via: testimonials (video & written), media endorsements, commentary on blogs and published articles in your area of expertise in industry journals and magazines.

2. Packaging (Yourself)
Personal branding is self expression amplified to influence and command attention. Identify your most admirable traits and put them to market. The only thing your competitors can’t copy is the essence of who your are as an individual. Just as we have a business brand, we also have a personal brand. To develop it, answer the following question: “What do you want to be known for and why?” This will form the foundation of your personal brand.

3. Be Seductive
The essence of being seductive is learning how to be interesting. Our whole world is built around stories of interest that grab our attention and draw us in. How do you draw your clients in? Do you tell long winded stories about your business? Or, do you share inspirational ideas in which your clients can get what they want? Become an information advocate and produce content that teaches your clients how they can get the results they want whilst engaging them in the process. This may mean up-skilling yearly and even pulling concepts from other industries to add colour to your conversations.

4. Who to Sleep With
There are movers and shakers in every industry. As a business professional who wants to get to the top, you are going to need to identify who these individuals are and make contact with them. Be-friend them and be sincere about it. It is not what you know but who you know. Identify individuals who have access to your target market on mass but are non-competing. Build relationships and work out ways in which you can assist one another. A friend in business will do more for you than a business colleague who happens to be a friend.

5. Groomed Professional
55% of all communication is visual and it only takes four minutes for someone to lock in a first impression and countless meetings to undo it. Studies prove that the better you look (and look after yourself), the more you will get paid and the better you will be treated. Example: Suits that are structured give you a professional appearance to which others draw conclusions about you, such as – that you are professional, structured and care about the finer details. Make the extra effort and you will convert more clients.

6. Flirt or Fail
To flirt is to behave as though attracted to someone, but for amusement rather than with serious intentions. A 2004 study found that there were two types of flirting – romantic and platonic. Platonic flirting in the work environment makes you memorable and creates a lasting impression compared to your dreary counterparts. What you think on the inside appears on the outside. What’s your inner world saying about you? Express your personality appropriately and you will gain the influence and credibility other’s won’t.

7. Move Me
When in the presence of a prospective client, colleague or the media, you will need to move them emotionally if you want any kind of impression that has lasting impact. Shift them energetically throughout your conversations by getting them to experience various positive emotions whilst in your presence. This could be getting them to laugh several times through to sharing stories about their and your personal or business challenges during the conversation. Whatever you do, do not have a monotone conversation that doesn’t make them smile or laugh. Observe yourself in the next meeting you have and see how interesting you really are.

There you have it - The 7 steps you must do to sleep your way to the top in business. Ben’s book 'Sleeping Your Way to The Top in Business' is available exclusively through his website

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